Unity of purpose
We relish diversity. Seeking out people that think differently. Brainstorming until an innovative idea smacks us in the head. Ricochets into client boardrooms. Creating an impact. A lasting impression that unites us. That defines our purpose.
A creative space where the process is just as important as the result
Our Process
Our creative process blurs the line between work and play
At 8D40, we are motivated as much by the process as we are by the result. We passionately strive to create a real and measurable difference to the world.
Our team delivers impact by harnessing the power of collaboration and diversity. Strengthening brands. Improving digital. Harnessing insights. Designing. Redesigning. Reaching people. Inspiring action. Witnessing reaction. Again & again. 
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our creations come to life. We conceptualise every detail, allowing us to enhance the desired user experience, across multiple devices, locations, platforms and cultures.
Our Team
8D40 is a team of talented designers, developers, consultants and marketing specialists. And a big, bad wolf.
I've been doing this for over 20 years, and each new day is still interesting and challenging.
Alias: Lady Thor
Favourite colour: Fear
Glass ceilings were meant to be shattered
Gilbert A
An ad man that dabbled in the pharmaceutical industry was always bound to do this.
Alias: Big Bad Wolf
Favourite colour: Blood red
Normality is boring
Dr. N.O
My initials say it all. NO to mediocrity. NO to just being good. NO to more of the same.
Alias: Comrade Kim
Favourite colour: Xanadu
I haven't met a monster I didn't like
Jason O
I see a flaw, and right it. I see the right and improve it. I dream differently. That is what I do. That is who I am.
Alias: Van Gong
Favourite colour: black
Running out of body part to ink
Jefferson C
Behind each good Designer is a developer, whip and access to their private email account.
Alias: HaQj0Y
Favourite colour: pink
Allergic to cats but loves Hello Kitty.
Sam A
A designer made fun of me once because I wore a suit to the office. His salary was accidentally delayed that month. He complimented my tie last week.
Alias: Chancellor
Favourite colour: Green. Obviously.
Money isn't everything. Hahahahaha.
Shane H
Master of Back-End development. Front-ends are nothing without me.
Alias: Overlord
Favourite colour: #808080
TRON is real
Thomas P
When virtual reality starts to feel real, you just might need to get out more.
Alias: Byte.me
Favourite colour: #804080
TRON is not real. But it should be.
Gabriel H
When the work is great, the strategy to success becomes that much easier.
Alias: CheckMate
Favourite colour: White
Dig deep
Nora B
The universe was created with such beauty. My job is just to shine some starlight onto the exceptional bits.
Alias: Brushstroke
Favourite colour: sunlight
Colour outside the lines