When changing packaging, trust is THE issue.

When an established baby food brand changes its packaging, it's not the focus groups you turn to; its moms, at home, talking honestly.

Changing packaging that new mothers trust is a challenge.

What happens when you tell a mother what to feed her baby?

We knew the answer to that one. It takes a brave soul to take this project on.

Research told us that mothers stopped feeding their babies ready-to-eat preparations at twelve months and switched them over to home-made. Our team had its hands full.

Our people tapped into women’s groups, talked to grandmothers, experienced moms, not-so-experienced moms, we even talked to dads. The results of our talk-a-thons gave us valuable insights into the emotional and rational needs of these outstanding caregivers.

The insights we gathered helped us to develop a range of products that directly addressed their requirements. Then we spoke to them in language that they could relate to.

Sales continued to climb, exponentially. Customers were customers for much longer. And babies continued to grow up as Gerber babies. After all, the feeding system we communicated to them didn’t need to be complicated. All we did was listen and create what they asked us for and in the process, shared in the joys of nurturing.

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Gilbert Abumrad

Design thinker. Strategist. Executive coach. Entrepreneur.