Christmas Collectables: 2016

2016 declared the Year of the Moose

8D40 Designs:Christmas

2016 Declared the Year of the Moose

8D40 Christmas Collectable:2016

At 8D40,¬†we love designing things. So when Christmas rolls around, we don’t hop out to the nearest shop. Instead, we stay in. Think. Brainstorm. Design. Create. We fiddle around with ideas until one presents itself. One that stands out. With just the right amount of positivity.

This year we came up with Moosey. 24 karat gold-plated, of course. He hangs around. A lot. From trees. Bags. Office lamps.

If you want one Moosey of your own, give us a shout. It is the season of giving, after all. And we’re feeling generous*.

Email us at and ask for Moosey. Or call us on +971 4 452 1738.

*while stocks last of course.

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