Dubai Podcast Series | How to start your company's show or series in one easy step.

Creating a podcast series in Dubai is easier than you think.

If there’s one opportunity that your business considers for 2017 and beyond, make sure that it is Podcasting.  We have helped many companies create active, engaged conversations by creating interesting content.This article will help you get started along the same path.

How to start Podcasting.

To start your own show or series, the below are a list of things you need to have in place:

A Theme Or Consistent Show Topic

Listeners will only subscribe to shows where there is a consistent theme.  This is easy if you are in a business-to-business environment, where you can talk about general areas of interest relating to your business.

Show Notes – Not A Script

Its important that whoever presents your show, feels natural and is comfortable talking about the topics you will cover.  Avoid long scripts and keep your content fresh and natural.  Listeners can tell when they’re being “read” at, so avoid this at all costs.  Show notes are a great feature of Podcasting in that the same notes can be copy and pasted with your audio files allowing listeners to read related information.

Keep it Short

You may have a lot to say, but the best way to ensure people listen is to keep it interesting. If it’s interesting, keep it short. Let people come back for more.

Edit. Edit. Edit.

Edit it, and they will come. Turn rambling into sound bytes. Keep it layered, instead of monotonous. Funk it up.

There’s a Faster Way to Start.

If you’re looking at starting your own show or series but are unsure of whether you want to make the type of investment needed, we can help.  At 8D40, we have the recording facilities, equipment, sound engineers, copywriters and marketing professionals available who can help you with the following:

  • Show outlines and recording schedules
  • Podcast Training
  • Production, recording and editing of Podcasts
  • Publishing across iTunes, Soundcloud, Podomatic and more platforms
  • Marketing of your Podcast to your desired listener audience

Get Started Now. It’s Easier than You Think.

Starting your own Podcast series is easier than you think.  At 8D40, we’ve invested in the equipment, technology and publishing platforms so that you as a business can record your podcasts and have them available to listeners.

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